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    Mizuki Nishino, MD, MPH

    Mizuki Nishino, MD, MPH

    Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School


    Department of Imaging

    Office phone: 617-632-2595
    Appointment phone: 877-332-4294
    Fax: 617-582-8574
    Email: mizuki_nishino@dfci.harvard.edu

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    Thoracic imaging, Oncologic imaging

    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    450 Brookline Avenue
    Boston, MA 02215


    Board Certification
    Diagnostic Radiology, 2008

    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Thoracic Imaging, 2004-2005

    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Diagnostic Radiology, 2005-2008

    Medical School
    Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine, Japan

    Recent Awards

    • R01 award from the National Cancer Institute (PI: Nishino, 1R01CA203636, 2017-2021) “Automated in vivo analysis of tumor growth rate as a guide for therapeutic decisions to advance personalized cancer treatment”, 2017
    • Cum Laude- Thoracic Complications of Precision Cancer Therapies: A Practical Guide for Radiologists in the New Era of Cancer Care. RSNA 2016, Chicago, IL, Nov, 2016
    • Magna Cum Laude- Dynamic Chest Radiography Using Flat Panel Detector System: Technique and Application. RSNA 2016, Chicago, IL, Nov, 2016
    • Merck Investigator Studies Program (PI: Nishino, 2016-2018). “Quantitative imaging analysis during pembrolizumab therapy in advanced melanoma patients: providing an objective marker for survival and therapeutic decisions”, 2016
    • Editors' Recognition Award for Distinction in Reviewing, Journal of Thoracic Imaging., 2014, 2015
    • Diagnosis Please Award for Cases 205-216 published in 2014. Announcement in: Radiology. 2015; 277: 314-7., 2014
    • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Fellowship for the Eleanor and Miles Shore 50th Anniversary Fellowship Program. (PI: Nishino, 2012) “Quantification of Apoptotic Activity in Non-small-cell Lung Cancer treated with Targeted Therapy: A pilot study.”, 2012
    • Diagnosis Please Award for Cases 181-192 published in 2012. Announcement in: Radiology. 2013; 269: 627-31., 2012
    • K 23 Award from the National Cancer Institute (5K23CA157631, PI: Nishino, 2011-2016) “CT Volume Measurement of Lung Cancer treated with Erlotinib: Genomic Correlation”, 2011
    • RSNA Research Scholar Grant, RSNA R&E Foundation (PI: Nishino, 2009-2011) "Chronological Analysis of Tumor Size, Volume and CT attenuation coefficient in Women with Adenocarcinoma of the Lung Treated with Erlotinib", 2009
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